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July 31, 2007

Currently one of my favorite albums is the latest from Funeral for a Friend. This new disc was released May 15th of this year, and is entitled Tales Don’t Tell Themselves.

One of my all-time favorite cd’s is their previous disc, Hours which was released in mid-2005. That great album held such amazing songs such as History and Drive.

If you haven’t heard them before, I’d definitely recommend checking them out. It’s hard to put them into an exact category, but if I had to, I’d say they classify as softer alternative-rock.

My favorite track of the latest album is quite possibly The Diary, but it’s hard to say as there are so many great ones. The album is excellent from top to bottom.

Check out the first single from the album, The Oblivion. It’s not the best of the bunch, but it’s definitely a good one.


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