Movie Review: Norbit

July 31, 2007

norbit.jpgNorbit is the latest Eddie Murphy as several characters film to be released. I didn’t expect a whole lot anything… maybe something a little similar to the Nutty Professor. As low as my expectations were, the film still didn’t come close to meeting them.

In this one, Murphy plays three characters. The title character, Norbit, a bumbling orphan boy that isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. He meets a beautiful young girl named Kate (Thandie Newton) while living in an orphanage as a young boy. He also plays the orphanage owner Mr. Wong, and his wife, Rasputia.

There are a lot of very immature jokes, and the film seems geared towards the young teen market, although I’m sure even they found it to be pretty horrible.

There are a few funny moments here and there, but overall I felt myself feeling dumber with each passing moment. It’s simply not funny, not entertaining, and I couldn’t help but wonder what type of person would ever agree to filming a movie with this script. I’m sure it was pitched as “a comedy with Eddie Murphy playing multiple roles”. Too bad they forgot to add the comedy part.

Cuba Gooding Jr., Eddie Griffin, Terry Crews and Marlon Wayans also make appearances, which I am sure they are regretting. Wayans’ role was one of the only funny parts of the film. And by funny, I mean “watchable”.

I highly recommend skipping this film, unless you have an urge to waste an hour and forty minutes of your life.

My Rating: 2/10



  1. Eddie Murphy must have a serious hate for fat people. Why else would he make THREE movies with him wearing a fat suit and making unfunny fart jokes? The first time? OK, it was slightly amusing and a bit original with the fat suits. The second time? A cash cow that sucked. This time? WTF??

    I saw the trailer, and that was 3 more minutes of Norbit than I care to ever see.

    Remember when Eddie Murphy used to be funny? Now, his brother has taken that crown.

  2. Charlie!

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