Movie Review: Stomp the Yard

August 2, 2007


Stomp the Yard is one of the latest dance mixed with high school and/or college relationship drama. Ok, that was a mouthful. But yes, if you’ve seen Step Up, Save the Last Dance, You’ve Been Served, etc etc, you know these movies basically all use the same formula.

Stomp the Yard is about a young man named DJ, who’s brother is killed in a “gang” fight, caused by a team that loses a dance competition. DJ moves in with his aunt and uncle, and gets accepted into a high-class University. The school’s hot “sport” is “stepping”. Why the movie isn’t called “Step the Yard”, I don’t know? I guess because it sounds stupid, which well now that I think about it, would have been a fitting title considering the quality of this film.

DJ is still mourning his brother, and has no interest in participating in any school events. He does, however become interested in the gorgeous April (played by Meagan Good). April, of course, is dating the star “stepper” on one of the school’s dance fraternities.

DJ joins the rival dance team, and you can guess where the movie heads from there.

In most dance films, you expect to see some crazy moves, that regardless of the quality of the film, will still provide some entertainment. That doesn’t happen here. Stepping is about the least interesting kind of dancing you can watch. You just think, “wow, I could probably do that. Big deal”.

The film isn’t completely horrible, as it is at least average. The story is better than most other dance films, but that really isn’t saying much. Overall, the only real good thing about this film is getting to see the beautiful Meagan Good strut around on your screen.

So, should you rent it? I wouldn’t recommend it, but I won’t say completely pass on it either. If you like dance films with relationship love stories, then you might like it.

My Rating: 5.5/10


  1. Stomp the Yard looked like a stinker to me. Doesn’t sound like it’s worth watching, even on DVD.

  2. The girl looks quite pretty, though.

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