Joke Of The Day

September 10, 2007


No, this picture is not the joke, although it could be.

What’s the difference between a bucket full of shit and Nickleback?

The Bucket.




  1. Ha!

  2. Truer words have never been spoken,

  3. I TOTALLY agree. They’re from my home province of Alberta, and I think I’m the only guy that can’t stand them here. I don’t just turn to a different station when I hear them on the radio, I turn the radio off. They’re on so often, that it seems like I’m doing that all the time.

  4. HA! It’s funny because it’s true!

  5. It is a bizarre phemonenon how many people don’t like Nickelback and those who do don’t just dislike the band, they hate them! I have no idea what has caused it besides oversaturation maybe? We have seen this before with the Tragically Hip but no one HATES the hip the way people hate Nickelback.

    I hate Nickelback. The only Canadian band I hate more is Simple Plan. I can’t explain it but I do.

  6. Oversaturation = yes

    That is why so many people got sick of Celine Dion so fast, too. She is a talented singer, but when you hear her songs way too many times, it starts to really grate on your eyedrums to the point where you feel hatred upon even the mention of her name.

    Nickelback gets way too much press and hype for the shitty music they put out. If there were American, we’d never hear about them.

    That, and their lead singer is a douche.

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