NHL ’08 released today

September 13, 2007


For as long as I can remember, EA Sport’s NHL series of video games has been my favorite. I’ve owned each one since back in 1993, when it was released on Super Nintendo.

Today (Sept 13th), the latest greatest version of the game has been released, and I will be picking up a copy for my XBox 360.

Last year, EA released the revolutionary “skill stick” control, which has made the game much more fun to play, and opens up a world of new things you can do with the players. It’s as close to “controlling” a player as it’s ever been in a hockey video game.

I’m hoping this year’s game will improve on some of the weaker areas of ’07, such as improving on the defense, and adding some advanced goaltender controls for the shoot out.

Either way, I am sure this game will be great for hours and hours of wasted time entertainment.


One comment

  1. The gameplay on this game is sweet. From the deflections on the powerplay to splitting the defence I am very impressed at how far NHL has come from the letdown version of three years ago. It is a fantastic effort that is extremely fun to play.

    A couple of problems from the last few games (and some new ones) still linger on and I am surprised that EA has done nothing to fix them. The main problem that has been elevated in this edition is how useless the players you aren’t controlling are. They will turn away from pucks, ignore the man wide open in the slot and stop skating if the puck is not under the control of either team.

    Two other obvious things that are frustrating as you get used to the game but will probably be a good thing once you are crushing the computer every time in a few months time are: 1) If you and the computer both arrive to the puck at the same time the computer will win the battle. You must press the pockcheck button to pick up the puck first. 2) There is an incredible amount of interference put on by the computer as your guys drive to the net. This interference wont be called but will break up your two on ones and keep your players from getting all those passes. In two months though it will be nice to see the computer going that extra mile because man always wins and the hardcore gamers will be able to destroy the machine everytime.

    Passing to the point will take patience as the game tends to make it nearly impossible to pick out both your d guys even when there are obvious paths. The puck will end up in traffic or to the otherside even though you pressed your controller to the wide open d man closest to you. This is a glitch from three years ago that they almost had fixed last year. It seems like a digression.

    The most annoying thing for me right now is that I have to get used to pressing the change player button twice when I am trying to select a D man. The computer will always go to a forward when it can so the d are in position. This is a great fallback setting for the game but when you are passed the pro level and on to allstar/superstar you would hope for more control over the gameplay.

    Other than those minor imperfections, most of them we are already used to from past titles, this game is basically perfect. I freakin love it!

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