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A Personal Update

October 3, 2007

First of all, I just want to apologize for the lack of updates lately.

It’s been a busy Summer, work has been a little more hectic than usual, and a lot of personal stuff has been going on. Of which, includes just recently going through the process of purchasing a condo, which was finally finalized earlier this month.

I hope to get back to having daily posts up soon, but until then, check out some of the older classics:

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June 15, 2007

As anyone who knows me is aware of, I am hockey obsessed. I originally planned on having this website be mostly hockey related, but realized most of the people that read this site have no interest in hockey. My entertainment posts are always the most popular. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a separate blog, which will be entirely focused on hockey.

So those of you that have an interest in my hockey related posts, please check out my new blog at, as I won’t be posting about hockey on this blog anymore.

My hockey blog is still in the baby stages, and I’m still working on improving the look and content, but I plan on keeping it updated on a regular basis.

Don’t worry, I won’t be ignoring at all. It will still be my primary focus, but my other blogs just give me something else to occupy my time with. I’ve always wanted to have a site that is 100% hockey based, so now I have that and won’t be filling this site with hockey-related material that a large percentage of you have no interest in reading.

Feedback is welcome, both for or I always appreciate it, and if there’s any specific topics or posts you’d like to see in the future, feel free to send an email or message my way.


Pictures: Guy’s Fishing Weekend ’07

June 13, 2007


Every year, all the guys in our family get together for a weekend of fishing. This year, we went to a little place called “Dee Lake”. I used to go there as a kid, but haven’t been in probably 15 years. I actually did a radio commercial for the resort when I was a small little guy.

Anyways, this was our first trip as a group to this lake (we usually try a different one each year), and I think it was my favorite one yet. Dee Lake connects to six other lakes, so it gives you a lot of unique fishing options.

Even though the weather was pretty crappy, we had a good time. At one point, Tyson, Dave and I were as far from our cabin as possible, fishing in the last lake in the chain. It started to rain pretty hard, so we decided to dock and get out of the rain. We built ourselves a fire out of wet kleenex and wet twigs to keep warm. We brought our cooler, had some beers and hung out. That ended up being the highlight of the trip, probably.

I took quite a few pictures during the trip, so if you’d like to check them out, click here.


Pictures from May Long Weekend

May 23, 2007


Well, after an incredibly enjoyable long weekend, I am back to the daily grind. I’ve uploaded all the pictures from the weekend, which you can view here.

We had a blast. Most of our time was spent playing road hockey, hitting the volleyball around, relaxing out in the sun, playing card games, sitting by the fire or having a few drinks.

It was a great weekend, and it was great to see all the Vancouver family we don’t see as often as we should. Good to meet the wild n’ thirsty Cail, as well.

I can’t wait to get back to the cabin, again. We had much better weather this time than I expected, and it will only get better as the Summer goes on.

Again, make sure you check out the pictures from the weekend.


The return to Graceland

May 18, 2007


My favorite place to vacation is our cabin on the lake (seen in the picture above), which we refer to as “Graceland”. It’s a long story as to why, so I won’t get into that now… but I will say it has to do with my Grandpa and an Elvis joke. Graceland has always been such a relaxing and enjoyable place to go, for as long as I can remember.

I’ve been looking forward to getting back up there since about Christmas (we only go in the Summer), and finally that time has come again.

I won’t have any updates to the blog until Monday or Tuesday, but you can always go back and take a look at some previous posts. Here are some that I enjoyed writing, and if you haven’t read them yet, I suggest taking a look:

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My favorite posts to write, and often my most popular, are my Top 10 Lists. You can check out all of them, by clicking here.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I know I will!


Hockey starts up again (for me)

May 11, 2007


Last night, I played the first game of our Summer Hockey League. It’s weird playing hockey when it’s Summer weather outside, but seeing as I’m completely obsessed with hockey, I’m happy about it. I was really starting to miss it.

Last night’s game was a blast. We have a pretty decent team for a bunch of men’s league (or beer league) players. We played our first game against a team comprised of local WHL and Junior A players. Not often, as a men’s league player, do you get the chance to play against a group of such talented players. Among them was this year’s WHL rookie of the year.

The game turned out pretty good, considering I was pretty rusty after not playing for about 6 weeks. Plus, we were playing against a bunch of players who play every day of the week and against the best caliber players of their age in the world. Their first goal against me was on a penalty shot that I was oh-so close to saving. The second was a deflection and the third was put into the net by a player on my own team. Overall, I ended up with around 45 shots against.

We ended up going to a shootout, and unfortunately lost. To be honest, we weren’t upset at all, as considering the talent level we were up against, just getting to a shootout was impressive.

I’m looking forward to our next game. Apparantly one of the teams that entered the league is made up entirely of our local Junior A team. I find it so funny that our little men’s league team is playing, and competing against such high-level players.


Pictures from the weekend

May 1, 2007

I’ve uploaded some of the pictures from the Canucks’ party we had this past weekend.

Click here if you’d like to check them out.