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image1.jpgSo, what about me? Most you looking at this blog probably already know who I am. But if you’ve happened to stumble onto this site, let me introduce myself. If you haven’t figured it out already, my name is Matt Gunn. I’m a 27 year old guy from British Columbia, Canada.

My life mostly consists of playing hockey, watching movies, and working my 9 to 5 (or in my case, 8 to 4:30).

I am a die-hard Vancouver Canucks’ fan, I own a huge amount of DVDs, and I started this blog basically just to entertain myself. I’m happy to see that I’ve gained a pretty consistant amount of viewers who seem to enjoy what I write/post, and that always helps me stay interested in maintaining the site.

I appreciate feedback, so if you’d like to email me, you can do so by writing to mattgunn18@hotmail.com




  1. Well I know you Matt Gunn! Happy 25th birthday! You are that little boy with big brown eyes that sat in my kitchen, head over his papers, pencil in hand, drawing little cartoon men, making elaborate games, documenting hockey card stats in detail…and refusing to try eating a pickled carrot!
    Happy Birthday …..now you can teach me about blogging!

  2. I will be checking this sight out often, as I used to know everything “about you” but now that you are on your own I don’t see much of you. I guess I can find it all out via website now! What I do know is that you are a great son and I still love watching you play hockey-happy you still allow your mother there watching! Next time we go to Mexico…I promise..no Pirate ships!
    Love mom

  3. My big brother is a pretty kick ass guy. Everytime we hang out there’s always numerous memories that add up..from Painting Joey Muffin on firepit benches, chasing him around the house because he wouldn’t let me watch Saved By The Bell,Kicking holes in doors, taking him to his first ‘party’,pretending to be his girlfriend at the bar because i don’t like other girls talking to him,getting stopped by cops in City Park because they thought we were selling crack so i drove up on the sidewalk and stauled the car(could i look more guilty?),you always have my back; also pretending to my boyfriend when other guys hit on me, Creating “jammer pants” as the most hilarious word ever, making fun of the DSR (now known as the DSRB), parties at dad’s trailer with yummy salad dressing,and the list goes on.
    Love Your sis.. Mandi.

  4. The cops thinking we were selling crack was hilarious… and then you almost drove the car through Ric’s Grill. Too funny.

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